The Long View Goes Further.

Guided by value.

About Us

Kovitz provides high net worth individuals, institutions and financial professionals with sound asset management and advisory strategies. We focus on long-term investment solutions, backed by our own stringent research.

We treat financial planning and wealth management as active processes, working with our clients to identify and implement the decisions that suit their needs. As an independently managed advisor, we are beholden to our clients alone for whom we manage and advise on more than $20 billion in assets (as of 6/30/24).

Our Investment Philosophy Is Built on Three Overarching Principles.


We Are Disciplined

We do not seek to predict the markets. We assess a company’s or asset's intrinsic value compared to the market price and invest accordingly. We invest side-by-side with our clients.

We Are Patient

We believe a long-term view is essential to successful investing. Our approach allows us to base our decisions on a business’ expected value multiple years in the future rather than volatile next-quarter expectations.

We Offer Perspective

By focusing on intrinsic value, our goal is to generate substantial gains while minimizing downside risk. We’ve reduced the process of buying and selling securities to a discipline rather than an art.