• Investment Management

    We work with you to develop target allocations that include all your investments, not just those managed by Kovitz.

    We use periodic monitoring to maintain your plan.

  • Retirement Planning

    You define your retirement goals. Together, we create a custom plan that helps you reach them.

  • Estate Planning

    We understand the value of your legacy. Our team will analyze your current estate plans and propose enhancements that best suit your financial vision.

  • Insurance Advisory

    Smart financial planning is more than investment strategy. Together, we’ll assess your insurance needs and ensure you’re covered against the unknown.

  • Tax Planning

    Working alongside your personal tax professional, our team will help analyze your savings opportunities and provide the clearest picture of how taxes may impact your financial future.

  • Dedicated Team

    As a Fiduciary, our clients come first. Our dedicated team’s diverse and comprehensive financial experience is focused solely on helping you reach your goals.

  • Proprietary Strategies

    Our clients have access to our Proprietary Investment Offerings, value-based strategies spanning various asset classes and product structures.