11 Charts to Navigate Today's Market


Key takeaways from our July Insights:

  • All asset classes except for Commodities are positive this year, with the S&P 500’s 17% gain leading the charge
  • Those that stayed invested through a challenging 2022 have been rewarded for their patience in the form of broadly positive returns
  • An inverted yield curve may precede a recession, as it has historically, but JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon isn’t convinced the economy is on that path
  • Impacts from an extended low-rate environment, where leverage was rewarded, followed by a fast-paced set of rate hikes designed to contain inflation will take time to work through the system
  • Value stock valuations continue to look attractive compared to Growth stocks
  • Nearly 100 years of data shows that despite a long list of worries, the stock market remains an attractive place to grow one’s wealth

Read the full Insight for a first-half recap and 11 charts that can help you navigate today’s market

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