Wealth Management

David A. Castro, CFP®


Senior Wealth Advisor

Industry Start



DePaul University, BA

David Castro is a Principal and Senior Wealth Advisor at Kovitz, where he guides clients through coordinating the inter-relationships between retirement planning, investments, taxes, cash flow and estate planning. David leads with a proactive approach that aspires to make his clients’ lives easier by ensuring that their accountant, estate planning attorney and investment advisor are all working towards a common goal. David works primarily with business owners, corporate executives, doctors and retirees, overseeing more than $600 Million of assets under management.

David brings with him over 12 years of industry experience, importantly including three years of tax preparation, which instilled a working knowledge of the tax code, and how it affects all aspects of planning. David routinely helps clients coordinate estimated tax payments, evaluate the appropriateness of Roth conversions, tax-efficient charitable gifting strategies, and coordinating the location of assets and rebalancing decisions so as to ensure clients are investing and managing risk tax-efficiently. David is also well-versed in estate planning matters including distribution provisions for beneficiaries and trustee selection, balancing asset protection versus flexibility, and tax-efficient asset transfer.

One of David’s passions is to help clients answer the question of “how much risk do I need to take to live comfortably in retirement?” To do that, David builds long-term cash flow models that incorporate investment assets, future cash inflows, income, spending, taxes, housing assumptions and other factors to help give context for the retirement question “do I have enough?”

Prior to joining Kovitz in 2013, David was a Financial Planner for high net worth clients at The Ayco Company, L.P., a Goldman Sachs Company. He received a Bachelor of Science in Honors Finance from DePaul University in 2010. David is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. David lives in North Carolina with his wife, Renee and two dogs, Jack and Margot. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, hiking, cooking and a daily meditation practice.